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Turf Equipment - Click on a logo to access the manufacturers' website.
Save time by looking up your parts, in advance; then call us to check availability and order parts.
Billy Goat - Parts look-up is available through this link. 

When it comes to property clean up, Billy Goat Industries features a complete line of product solutions for all your residential, commercial and municipal needs. For over 40 years, Billy Goat has designed and manufactured property cleanup products with a reputation for innovation, productivity and quality. 
Billy Goat offers de-thatchers, aerators, over-seeders, sod cutters and chipper-vacs to knock out the annual “Spring Clean-Up” of thatch, leaves, blooms, branches, seeds and other lawn and garden debris that has accumulated over the winter. 

BlueBird - Owners manuals are available through this link.

BlueBird is your complete source of turf care equipment for the landscaping and rental industry. BlueBird manufactures edgers, cable-layers, aerators, power rakes, seeders, sod cutters, stump grinders, and lawn vacuums.


 DR Power - Parts and owners manual available online. 

 Field and Brush Mowers, Trimmer Mowers, Lawn & Leaf Vacs, Log-splitters, Chippers, Stump Grinders, Power Graders, Roto-hog power tillers, Power Wagons, Utility and Versa-trailers, Backhoe, Lawn Aerator, Snow-plows.
Easytrench - Owners manuals are available through this link.

E-Z TRENCH® has been manufacturing walk behind trenchers since 1982. We are family owned and operated. E-Z TRENCH® machines are manufactured in the US and engineered for quality and durability. We specialize in manufacturing trenchers so we can produce the most dependable machine on the market. Durability and dependability means greater profits for you.



Parker - Parts lookup and Owners manuals are available through this link.

Parker Company is the oldest manufacturer of lawn sweepers and debris-handling equipment in the world. Parker's product line include powered or trailing lawn sweepers, power rakes, debris removal equipment and indoor/outdoor vacuums. 

A top quality manufacturer of handheld and other small equipment.
TurfTeq - Parts look-up is not available through this link

Turf Teq LLC designs, manufactures and sells rugged, reliable, and versatile landscaping equipment that will turn your valuable time into money earned.
Plugr (Now part of the Billy Goat family) - Parts lookup and Owners manuals are available through this link.

Now you have a choice when selecting a walk-behind aerator! The traditional aerators from the major name manufacturers have been hard to control, tiring to operate, complex machines with rotating sheet metal spoons. Plugr offers an alternative that is safer to operate, maneuvers with relative ease, has 50% fewer components and increases productivity on typical residential and commercial applications. Plugr’s unique cam powered design punches cleaner, deeper holes in tough soil conditions and is easy to maintain, reducing costly downtime. No messy water ballast or heavy add-on extra weights either! It’s time to break with tradition and investigate the advantages of Plugr.  increased profits for your business.